Past Event

This event was held on 2019.10.04 (Fri).

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10.04 (Fri) | WOMB, Tokyo, Japan


  • alarm Open 2019/10/04 (Fri) 22:30 JST
  • date_range 2019/10/04 (Fri) 22:30 - 04:30
  • grade R&B / Hip Hop
  • labelColdeRyohu (KANDYTOWN)オカモトレイジMONJOE(DATS)Kai TakahashiKELLY GREEN

Continuing to attract international attention to Asia's music scene, DABLAM is a new event held in Tokyo that shines a spotlight on the Asian artists of the next generation. The first main act is the Korean artist Colde, a singer characterized by his creative, warming fusion of R&B, neo-soul, and electronic elements. He is also a member of the highly regarded duo "ofonoff" and the "clubeskimo" collective, a legendary crew formed from up-and-coming artists that represent the Korean music scene such as DEAN and Crush. He began his solo career in earnest with the release of his first EP "WAVE" in September 2018, and in the same year raised his profile with a nomination for "R&B Track of the Year" at the Korean Hip-hop Awards as well as a performance on COLORS, an internationally popular YouTube channel.
Also, a stellar lineup of Japanese artists includes Ryohu (KANDY TOWN), OKAMATO's, MONJOE (DATS), Kai Takahashi (LUCKY TAPES), and more. . Don't miss this mix of young Asian artists who are big on the music scene in their countries right now.

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